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Meet Prism.

Prism is a new laser measurement system that will change the way you work.

Prism features an ultraprecise laser measurement tool that communicates directly with an easy to use app, creating an essential project management tool.

The Prism Measurement System

Prism App


Range: 250 feet
Accuracy: 0.03 inches
Level indicator

Prism App


Immediately export data
Measurements auto-save
Project management system

Prism App


Intuitive interface
Quick project set up
One click measurement

Add Prism to your toolbox for just $99.

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How Prism Works

Project Folders


Open the Prism app and create a new project or choose an existing project. Our project based management system keeps project information at your fingertips.

Measuring Tape


Use the Prism laser measurement device to take precision measurements with one click of a button. Measurements are sent directly to the app via bluetooth.



Review measurements to quickly create a price quote on the spot. Export collected data in csv format via email, text message or upload to the cloud.

Streamline your workflow. Maximize your revenue.

30 Second Bid Challenge

Prism makes it possible to take the measurements you need and calculate a bid within seconds.
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